Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Random Cuteness

So you know Charlotte likes to dance, but did you know that she likes to sing, too? If she hears a fast song, she's starts shakin' the booty. If it's a slow song, she'll start babbling away in a soft voice, which I can only imagine is her way of singing. She cracks me up!

Last night she tried changing up her nighttime routine. The routine consists of Jeopardy ending, telling her it's time to go night-night, finding her cross and blanket, giving me a hug and kiss, walking to her bedroom, turning around a time or two on the way to tell me "naght-naght" (Southern accent?), Daddy turning her lamp on, Charlotte closing the door, and climbing up in Daddy's lap while he reads a Bible story to her, prays, then puts her in her crib. But she tried cutting the routine short last night: Jeopardy ended, we told her it was time to go nigh-night, she laid down on the floor in front of the couch and said, "Naght-naght" and pretended to be asleep. She must think the routine has too much fuss :)

Tonight I was at a baby shower at church so Charlotte and Jared had some special father/daughter time. He was in the kitchen and she came running in, very concerned, explaining something that seemed very important. He followed her into the living room, where Bob Ross and The Joy of Painting was on (Yay PBS!). He had some sort of gerbil/hamster creature with gigantic eyes on his show, and Charlotte was very excited about it. She was kissing at the tv with a very emphatic "Muah!" Jared caught a little bit of it on video, but by the time he got to the room with the camera the furry creature was gone and she soon lost interest. (She's especially cute and looking all redneck in just her diaper!)

She has shown a greater interest in her baby dolls lately. She has a Cabbage Patch doll that she carries around in her arms, hugs on, and kisses. She also likes to play with a doll that I had as a little girl growing up. Her name is Susie Q, but my mom and brother called her "Ugly Baby", which endlessly tormented me. It's hard to blame them, though, because she is not the most beautiful of baby dolls, to put it very nicely. Her lips have faded to a lovely shade of green and her hair resembles a Don King 'do. I've tried brushing it out, but it just stays all matted and in knots. The worst part is that she has looked like that for as long as I can remember. Even if she was pretty one day (my Mom swears she was), I have no recollection of that. But Charlotte loves her just the same, carrying her around the house (even though Susie Q is almost as big as Charlotte is). Charlotte just loves on those two dolls and it melts my heart.

She is going to love being a big sister (though I have a feeling she will be quite bossy in her new role:). She likes to come up to me, pull my shirt up and pat my belly and say, "Baby!" I just need to convince her that lifting my shirt up each time to pat the belly isn't all that necessary.

I was getting dinner ready today and noticed that things elsewhere in the house were just a little too quiet. I walked into the living room to find Charlotte with the laptop opened on her lap, her arms crossed, while engrossed with whatever was on the television. She must have seen me like that a time or two. Here, again, in just her diaper, but this time with a bow in her hair- all the necessities! If she doesn't have a bow in, her hair falls into her eyes, so it serves a purpose other than being cute :)

And a final random cuteness... Charlotte has been storing random items in her diaper the past few days. Jared found a bobby pin in a diaper he changed and I found two goldfish in one a couple days later. Maybe her cute little outfits don't have enough pockets. Or maybe we need to actually put an outfit on her so she can't so easily reach into the diaper!


Anonymous said...

She is so darn cute. I love all these little stories. They make my work day easier!

I remember Susie Q...Charlotte is a brave soul to carry her around ;).

Anna said...

So so cute!!