Sunday, July 5, 2009

Independence Day!

We have really enjoyed our long 4th of July weekend! Jared got off from work early on Thursday and had Friday off so we had lots of time to spend together. We went into Keystone on Saturday for the parade and crafts fair, and afterwards went out to Lake Swan Camp to have lunch and play soccer (Jared did the playing of the soccer-- I went across the street where Shannon was partying it up with some Tisdales and hung with them for a while). We then went to visit with our friend, Mel, who is recovering from major neck surgery and ate dinner with her and some of the Rollins family who were around. We didn't stay in Keystone to see the fireworks because we were tired and ready to get back home. But on the drive back to Jax, we ended up seeing several different fireworks displays. It was especially neat driving across the Buchman Bridge- there were cars parked along the bridge for over a mile, all the way up to the top of it, with their hazards on. There was a huge display going on to the right (South) and three different ones going on towards downtown (North). Right along the Buchman Bridge may be the best spot for watching fireworks in town!

Charlotte's first parade! She was not at all wild about the sirens from the fire trucks, as you can see, but she tolerated them (with a look of scorn on her face).

"Daddy! They give you candy just for being cute! This place is amazing!"

Her first lollipop!

Jared's cousin, James, was down visiting from TN. It was his first time meeting Charlotte, but they were great friends from the start :)

When Charlotte saw James sit on the curb, she decided she'd go have a seat right beside him. And, in the cutest fashion, wave to the people in the parade who were waving to her.

"Oooh!" after hearing a canon go off

After the parade, we ran into Jeff & Tessa and Jason & Leslie with their little ones. Their girls, Hannah and Isablla, are best friends and were so sweet to Charlotte. They seemed to realize that she was smaller and younger than they were and held her hand as they walked around. Hannah saw Charlotte's birthmark and was very concerned about her boo-boo. I'm sure Jeff's mack-daddy camera got better shots than our tiny one did, but when your subjects are as cute as these girls, there's no such thing as a bad picture. It was just the pefect Kodak (or Sony or Canon) moment with the three of them holding hands in their patriotic outfits!

I think most people who read our blog also stalk me on facebook so they already know, but just in case you've missed the announcement, we are having another baby GIRL! I had a sonogram on Thursday and we got to see our healthy little princess squirming around and shaking with the hiccups. She has a strong heartbeat and looks perfectly healthy. We are so excited! Jared is especially happy that all of the clothes in the attic will be able to be used again. Charlotte's due date was only a few days before Baby Girl Rollins's, so the seasonal clothes will be pefect! Much to Jared's disappointment, however, this does not mean that no new clothes will be bought :) The sonogram video is pretty long, but I will try to get that uploaded in the next day or two. For now, here are some belly pictures...
(17 weeks)

And just a sweet one of Charlotte kissing on her Daddy this afternoon. (Yes, she wore the same dress two days in a row. No one who saw her yesterday was going to see her today, and it's one that is seasonal and only appropriate for a couple weekends out of the year. Plus I made it and wanted to show it off because it looks so dadgum adorable on her. This morning, when we were so exhausted but were dragging ourselves to church, Jared asked me, "Let's be honest: If you didn't have that dress to show off, would we be going this morning?")


luke and wyatt's mom said...

Yeah. Your belly=cute!
Jared's=not so much :)

I love the pictures of all three little girls-they look soo cute! (You should really go into business selling dresses and matching hats-you got talent!)

And I enjoyed getting a peek at my boys in the background of your photos :)

Anonymous said...

ahahahaha! Loved the belly pics! I'm so glad I got to see you on the 4th!

Arin Rollins said...

I love the pictures! Charlotte looks so cute in her "mommy-made" dress! Good job! And I'm glad the dress made you get to church on Sunday! :o) Tell Jared he has a while to catch up to Dusty with the pregnancy belly! But yours is so cute!