Thursday, June 25, 2009

Charlotte's Conversations

I'm sitting at the dining room table and Charlotte comes up to me all concerned looking (Jared loves it when people tell stories in the present tense... jk:). She starts telling me something... I'm not really sure what... but she is very serious about it. Her eyebrows are furrowed, she's pausing for dramatic effect, and even using some hand gestures. To top it off, she has a plastic cup in her hand and she takes a "sip" out of it every now and then. My interpretation is that she thinks she is standing at the water cooler at work and is discussing Obama's health care plan (and how ridiculous it is, of course).

I had her re-enact it for me so I could snap a few pictures.

What I'm about to tell you is very important, Mommy.


Whitney said...

You gotta catch it on video next time! She's super cute!

mom said...

The actual translation was, "Grammy is cool. And I need to go spend the night with her." What do you think?