Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 2012

The Rollins ladies playing on their electronics: iPad, Leapster, and a "laptop"

I'm sure there is a very elaborate storyline behind the set-up here. When the girls play, they don't just get out one toy. To have a tea party, pillows and stuffed animals and smoothie cups and cake stands and a shopping cart are often required as well :)

Charlotte and her Daddy had a date at the circus and she loved every minute of it. And all it took was a "But Daddy, these toys are awesome!" to win him over and get her a tambourine. That's right, she came home with a tambourine. And it was only a day or two before she fell off of her rocking horse while trying to do some of the tricks that she saw at the circus.

While they were at the circus, Naomi and Mommy spent the afternoon together. We had ice cream for lunch, then went to the mall to pet the puppies and ride the escalator. Cheap entertainment for a two-year-old!

And my big ol', ever-growing belly at 34 weeks. You know those women who have tiny little baby bumps and carry the baby so sweetly... I am not one of them. My torso is short so there is nowhere for the baby to go but out. And while the baby is going out, my thighs and rear end join in on the party and go out too!