Wednesday, March 3, 2010


On Sunday, Marineland had a Family Day (which means getting in for free) so we drove straight there after church to see the dolphins. It is a small park and I don't think they were expecting the size of crowd that was there. It was packed in front of the dolphin tanks, so much so that it was nearly impossible to move in some places. The dolphin "show" was quite short, far from what you would expect at SeaWorld, but it was still neat to see and I think Charlotte really enjoyed it. If nothing else, it got us out of the house on a sunny afternoon. The small stretch of A1A we drove is beautiful and we saw a house that we're going to base the exterior of the house we build in 8 or so years on. Until we see something we like better and change our minds next year :)

Naomi really enjoyed it. She went crazy over the dolphins. Oohing and ahhing. Or it could have just been because of gas.

While we waited for the dolphin show, Charlotte had to make sure that her cross was safe and sound buckled up in her stroller.