Thursday, March 4, 2010

Councilman Gavin Rollins!

Gavin won his re-election to Keystone Heights' City Council! We were hoping he wouldn't have a running mate so that this election would be a little less stressful than the last, but there were a certain few (the mayor and every other member on the council) who did everything in their power to make sure Gavin had competition and lost. Half of their plan worked. :)

On Tuesday we went into Keystone to help him hold signs, shake hands and kiss babies. The babies being kissed all had the last name of Rollins, but that's beside the point. The weather was not very kind, but the efforts the day of and the many weeks beforehand were not in vain because he won 160-105. (There are 1400 registered voters in the city and that's all that showed up to vote. Isn't that pitiful?!)

Some pictures from the day...

Gavin did a wonderful job campaigning, but I'm pretty sure this waving toddler is what put him over the top

Amber and I discussed potential candidates for the next position to be filled: Mrs. Gavin Rollins!

Charlotte spying on the competition with some "nonky-yers"

Whitney, Stephanie & her boys, Gavin & Charlotte

James, another Rollins baby that was kissed :)

Stephanie and Charlie hosted a victory party for Gavin. They have the most beautiful home and are always so gracious and welcoming of guests, even if they're not there (I've watched Gator games and nursed babies in their home while they weren't there. They're just super cool people like that).

While Stephanie took Wyatt to t-ball practice, I may or may not have (I definitely did) gone around and taken a few pictures of her decorations to copy them.

I know this is only the beginning of Gavin's career in changing the world. I don't want to say his career will only be in politics because Gavin is involved in so much more than that. We'll just say he's at the beginning of changing this world. The good kind of change. Not that bogus kind of change for the worst (not worse... worst!) that America is getting now. ::Steps off soapbox::

Congratulations, Gavin!!


luke and wyatt's mom said...

Hmmm...I'll have to check out said stolen photos of my house :) Really, that's too funny! You are welcome to watch Gator games, nurse and borrow ideas any time! Naomi and Charlotte will be your ticket in the door! Or I suppose you could use one of the two keys to my house that remain in the possession of Rollinses! Evidently y'all are good people and we seem to trust you :) Glad you all came down! (And, just so you know, I'm stealing a few pics from this post so I can quit blog slacking and do a Gavin election post too!)

Whitney said...

Congratulations, Gavin!

That day was so much fun! And, you're right, the little Rollins kids were what threw the win over the top! ;)

Mom Ro said...

Thanks, Brittany for posting the adorable photos of our day at the polls. The photos of Charlotte "helping" me hold the "Gavin Signs" helped me remember that I really did have fun being out there from 7a to 7p! :o) And Gavin's win, of course, made it all worthwhile!