Friday, July 24, 2009

Our New House

After much prayer and consideration, we have decided that we are going to be moving. We're really excited about it. What's even more exciting is that we're going to build the next house we move into! The home we're in now just won't be big enough for the 5 kids we want to have and things are going to be getting tight.

The first step is to get the house plans ready. Check! Over the past couple months (or years, really), we've been talking about what we'd change about this house or what we'd like to have in our new house. So we made a list. And we searched through some plans. Southern Living has a great tool for searching house plans. We found one that we loved the layout of. After about a thousand modifications (add some bay windows; extend the countertops; pocket doors on the closets in the master suite; moving the closets in two of the bedrooms to the other sides of the rooms so that we can have a hallway in that space to lead into an added on bonus room, extra bedroom and bathroom), we are ready to send the plans to an architect to get blueprinted (is that a real word? I know my friend, Stephanie, with her fancy architect degree will be laughing at me for that one).

We're really happy and excited about the new house. Now all that's left to do is wait. For about another eight to ten years. Because that's when this "new house" will come into fruition. We love the house we're in now, but do realize that it will get tight with a big family. And we have so many specifications for our next house that we've decided building would be easier than searching high and low for the house that has all of the criteria we would like: his and her closets; sink separate from the rest of the master room (right now our sink area is open to the rest of the room, like it is in some hotels); grassy lot, with trees for privacy, but not so many that it causes a mosquito problem like we have here; detached garage with a covered walkway to the house; inside laundry room; front porch (one that's actually usable- ours now is too narrow to do anything with); open floor plan; fireplace; and ideally on lot with a long driveway, with plenty of room for parking, and not on a main road. We have just a few specifications :) We're a realtor's and contractor's worst night mare!

So, we just wanted to go ahead and let everyone know that in another eight to ten years, we will be moving. Go ahead and put it on your calendars, 'cause you're all going to be invited to the housewarming party!

Home Sweet Home (in 10 years)

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Arin Rollins said...

LOVE IT! Can we be your neighbors?? :o)

luke and wyatt's mom said...

This is a beautiful house! I love a craftsman! (I had to go check out the floor plan...where's the Man Room for Jared? Love the master suite-similar to what we have and it works great!)

And, no, "blueprinted" is not a word :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!! And love the long-term plan. Mike and I day-dream with Southern Living's house plans. However, my husband refuses to believe that we are out-growing out house now.

But 5 kids? Really??? Man, I had a "scare" this month and was stressing. I did not like being pregnant! :) It is in God's hands, though, not my own.