Sunday, July 26, 2009

Daddy's Girl

Charlotte most definitely has her Daddy figured out. She loves crawling up into his lap, but does not understand the sensitive nature of the lap area. Tonight, Charlotte had crawled up in his lap several times, only to stay for a few seconds each time and was very squirmy while up there. Jared's patience was running a little low with that game by the hundredth time of climbing up and squirming around, so he just put her down on the floor and told her that was enough. Charlotte, knowing her Daddy quite well, crawled back up into his lap, put her finger to her mouth and said "Hmmm..." She was playing a favorite game of hers and Jared's where he would say, "Hmmm... where could I tickle you..." then pick a spot, count to three and tickle her there. It didn't take long for her to pick up on it and mimic him, which always makes us laugh hysterically. So when she sensed that Daddy was aggravated, she whipped out the big guns of cuteness and quickly got herself back into his good graces.