Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Charlotte had a blast yesterday! Gavin stayed the night with us on Friday and before we took him downtown to watch the Gators whoop up on Georgia (Go Gators!), he and Jared played a game of tennis. We didn't realize our neighborhood changed the locks to the tennis/pool/playground area, so while Jared and Gavin climbed the fence, the ladies decided we would watch from outside the fence. Thankfully Charlotte wanted to bring her blanket along so we were able to sit in the grass without getting wet from the dew.

She's had a bumblebee costume for almost two years now that her Toto (Jared's mom:) gave her (her room is done in a bumblebee theme so it was perfect for her). It's been tucked away in her closet all this time and I was so excited that she was big enough for it this year!

Now tell the truth, isn't this the cutest bumblebee you've ever seen?!

She had lots of fun with the flashlight... I think that excited her more than the candy!

After we took her to three or four houses on our street to trick or treat, we settled on the couch for our family tradition (can you call it a tradition if this is the first time you've done it?) of watching It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! We ordered the Charlie Brown holiday DVD set earlier in the week and it arrived on Halloween, just in time! I am enjoying holidays more and more as she gets older and can enjoy all the festivities. I know she won't remember her first time trick or treating and wearing that cute bumblebee costume, but she really enjoyed the day and it's so worth it to see her smiling face :)

But so as not to be on topic for an entire post... here a couple pictures from the past couple weeks...

Trying to put on a swimmie diaper... over her regular diaper :)

This child loves shoes! Especially my heels!


luke and wyatt's mom said...

every girl should love heels! and, yes, she is the cutest bumble bee ever! (well, her and sutherlyn with she was a wee one!)

Grammy said...

She is absolutely the most "Bee-utiful" bumblebee ever. Of course, I am biased in my opinion. But I think others would say the same.

Shannon said...

Gaaah, she's just so cute! I agree, she's beeeutiful!

hannah said...

cutest bumble bee i've ever seen! ;)