Thursday, October 29, 2009

Blog Slacker

Hi, I'm Brittany, and I'm a blog slacker.

Lots going on around here, but not too much that has led me to blog about. Just regular life, I suppose.

Charlotte has been super cute and full of attitude lately. I should probably separate those two ideas. The attitude is not cute! She definitely has a flair for the dramatic, as demonstrated when she is told she can't have something or do something she wants: hands cover the face as she throws herself on the floor, couch, or whatever piece of furniture would work well for proving her point that she is dissatisfied. Seriously, where do they learn this stuff?

But she has also had lots of sweet, cute moments too and I will do my best to remember those instead of the dramatic attitude moments. She is talking a lot more now and has started repeating the sounds and words we say, even if she doesn't have a clue what they are.

Some of her favorites:
"I O Oooo" (I love you) and she likes to follow this with a "Daa Hee" (Daddy) or "Maa Hee" (Mommy) and she'll also throw in a "Mush" (so much).

"'Mon! Et's Doe!" (Come on! Let's go!)

"Pie Eee" or "Spice" (Potty). It started as "spice", not quite sure how that translated to potty, but that was her word for it. It has slowly changed to "pie eee", which is more recognizable as the actual word.

"Tee" (T.V. or videos). She loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and would watch that show all day if I let her. When I tell her she's watched enough, she puts aside "Cute Charlotte" for the "Attitude Charlotte" and a tantrum ensues. ::sigh:: Oh the joys of parenting. She also loves watching home movies on the computer. Especially the ones that she is in. Especially the ones that she is dancing or giggling in. Narcissistic, much?

"Mimi" (Naomi). She loves to hug and kiss my belly, and especially loves giving my belly raspberries. If I tell her to give Naomi a hug or kiss, for some reason she feels the need to lift my shirt to do this. For this reason, I only encourage the hugging and kissing of Naomi at home.

"Baby"... Can you figure out what that one means? It's a toughie. She loves seeing babies, in person or in books. She's usually very gentle to her Cabbage Patch baby, but for some reason does not like for her to wear her socks or shoes. And yesterday, I picked up a double stroller that a friend from church graciously passed down to us, along with the car seat/carrier. I put the carrier in the seat next to Charlotte in the van and she was very excited and kept saying "Baby!". We went straight from my friend's house to my doctor's appointment, and she was very concerned that we were leaving the van with the carrier still in there. She kept pointing back saying, "Baby! Baby!" And as soon as we got back to the parking lot, she resumed her excitement about the "Baby" in the van.

So those are just a few Charlotte-isms as of late. She seems to have forgotten about the word "mine" for now, which I'm grateful for. One less battle.

In other news, I'm continuing to grow and expand and appear that I might burst at any moment. I have a plan for a post on how to talk to a pregnant woman, so if any of you ladies out there had people make comments to you about your size, please share so that I may include those. It'll sort of be a "What to say/What not to say" list.

I'm hoping to get enough accomplished in Naomi's room this weekend that will be worthy of a picture, so hopefully I'll have that to share by Sunday!


Anonymous said...

A lady at a church I was speaking at last week looked at me, my "bump" and asked how far along I was. Almost 15 weeks I reply. Oh, she says, it's your 2nd I guess since you are already looking so big. Ugh!