Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Birthday, Charlotte!

I can barely believe it, but two years ago at this time, we were holding our precious newborn, "ooh"ing and "aww"ing over how cute she was, and ""ing over the fact that she came three weeks early. She has brought so much joy and so many smiles to our lives. It really is hard to remember what life was like before she was here, even though it was only a two short years ago.

We had a small, family party for her this past Saturday and she had a blast!

Apparently, she was not a fan of our singing

Much more content after blowing out the candles

Ready to tear into all the presents

A little mommy

And here are just a few of my favorite pictures from her first two years...

On her birth day, in the arms of her proud Daddy

As if she wasn't gift enough, she gave us her first smiles on Christmas day

How I coped with things when she was two months old :)

The day of her Dedication

Seriously, this smile melts my heart

Just over one year old at her Aunt Shannon's wedding

Looking so cute in her Christmas dress!

Taking care of business in her Daddy's office

Happy Birthday, Charlotte Michelle!


Grammy said...

You really have brought joy into our lives. IUHU! MUSH.(I LOVE YOU, VERY MUCH) Grammy

luke and wyatt's mom said...

Happy Birthday, Charlotte! What fun to see how you have grown :)

Kelly said...

She is soo precious!

Whitney said...

Aweee ;) Charlotte is SO cute! :) Happy Birthday, girl!!

Kristin said...

I'm crying!

Arin Rollins said...

She is so precious! Happy Birthday Charlotte!