Tuesday, July 29, 2008

These Are A Few Of Her Favorite Things

It is so much fun for me to watch Charlotte play during the day. She has more toys than she knows what to do with, and I've noticed that she goes in cycles of which toy she plays with more. But there are a few good old standbys, each having their own time that she prefers them.

They're not bright copper kettles or warm woolen mittens, but these are a few of her favorite things...

Comfort Cross: Uncle Aaron and Aunt Brittany gave this to her for Christmas and she has been hugging and chewing on it since. It is what she cuddles with at night when we put her down to bed, and what she plays with when she's in her crib for "time out". She loves chewing on the tag and the flap that lifts up to reveal Scripture.

Easter Bunny: Uncle Chad and Aunt Amber gave her her first Easter bunny. It is the only other toy in the crib (we try to keep other toys out of there since when she's in her crib she's either in time out or supposed to be sleeping), but he's another one for night time cuddling. The material is very soft and she especially loves chewing on the ears and the tail.

Holding on tight to her Cross and bunny while sleeping

Mr. Bumble: This was another gift, though I'm not sure from who (I'm sure it's written down on one of the gift lists I have around here somewhere...). Her room is done in a bumblebee theme (the BeeAttitudes) so he matches the decor, but he actually spends most of his time being dragged around the house where ever Charlotte goes. He has a ring that is perfect for her little hand to hold on to, so he usually goes with us to the store and on walks.


Whitney said...

"Crazy insane blog stalkers" are what we are! :] Little Charlotte is just too cute not to follow on the blog! :]

Arin Rollins said...

I love the sleeping picture! How cute! Looking forward to seeing you this weekend!