Monday, July 7, 2008

Charlotte's Sweet Skills

Yesterday I was coordinating a wedding (yes, on a Sunday- very unusual!), so Charlotte got to spend the afternoon and evening playing with Daddy. When I was leaving she was supposed to be going down for her nap. But we could hear her fussing in her crib trying to fight off the sleep. Jared said that she kept fussing for a while so he went in to check on her and he said she was standing up in the corner of her crib trying to look out the window, just sobbing with big 'ol tears. He laid her back down and said that she was asleep within a few minutes. She's mastered the skill of pulling herself and standing, but I don't think she knows how to sit herself down again. She was crying out the window for someone to help her... poor thing :(

Some other cute things she's doing these days:
Sticking her tongue out... all the time!
Blowing raspberries (with tongue sticking out of course)
Giving bashful smiles

And she's loving going for walks now that we have her upright in the stroller rather than in the infant seat. When we used to go for walks, we often ended up holding her because she would get fussy, but since we've had her sitting upright, we haven't had to take her out of it at all. No, that's not true. A few times, Jared has picked her up because she was falling asleep and we didn't want her napping that close to bedtime! Car rides are much better too. I don't know if she just didn't like lying in that much of a reclined position, if it wasn't comfortable for her, or if she just likes seeing what's going on, but she seems much happier on car rides now that she is in her "big girl" car seat rather than the infant carrier. What a blessing!


luke and wyatt's mom said...

I think it's being able to see the world rather than the sky (or car ceiling!) Luke and Wyatt did better once they graduated to big boy seats and both love riding in the truck (up high)...they can see everything outside the windows! (and moo at the cows!)

Arin Rollins said...

What a big girl! I remember Ella doing the whole "crying because she couldn't sit back down" thing but it passed fast so there's hope! So how is it without the baby seat? Is she in grocery carts and high chairs when you're out now? What a change! Bring on the Purell!