Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July Weekend

What a great weekend! It's not even over but we've already had a great time. The best part about it: we haven't done much of anything! Jared got off work early on Thursday and we took a quick swim in the pool before the rain came. Yesterday we did lots of relaxing but also managed to get some housework and officework done. Then yesterday evening we went over to Jeff & Lynn's from our church and hung out with some of the other "Young Marrieds" couples from our Sunday School class. We were there well past Charlotte's bedtime but with all the activity going on, she was not interested in sleep. But she was out cold within five minutes of leaving.

But possibly the biggest news from this weekend... Charlotte is getting her first tooh! Yesterday she was chewing on my finger and I noticed a tiny little bump on her gums. I didn't get a good look because she loves sticking her tongue out these days, but I managed to get a quick peek and saw a tiny little "hole" where a tooth will be popping in soon. She's been "gnawing" on anything and everything for months now and I have had many people share their wisdom that that means that she must be teething, so now I can finally say that she is!

She's also starting to pull herself up on things and stand herself up. She's still not quite crawling like a pro yet, but she might just skip that step altogether and go straight to walking :)

Peeking out of her crib after her nap

Getting into (or rather underneath) things she's not supposed to... she loves playing with the caster wheels on the bed in the guest room

Standing up to reach some books on the coffee table

She didn't want to cooperate and let me get a good shot of her 4th of July outfit, so here's the best I got

We grilled our favorite meal yesterday- chicken satay with yellow rice, with tortillas (faux roti canai) and curry sauce


Arin Rollins said...

The satay look great! And what cute pictures of Charlotte! She looks "very, very sneaky!" Congrats on the tooth! Ella is still toothless but working so hard! :o( Happy 4th!