Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Monday marked one year since we moved into our house! It was actually the first house we looked at, and though we looked at maybe 10 more, it didn't take us long to realize this was the one we wanted. We love the location, the layout, and the lot we're on. We have a small pond in the back yard and it is so peaceful here. Like probably everyone else, we have a huge list of things to update, change, or add, but it's all mostly cosmetic stuff and things that we can just do when we get the urge (and extra cash!) to do. We go back and forth on whether to move out or to build out the attic when the family outgrows the space. We just love where we are so much that we can't decide if we would want to give it up...

And for a Charlotte update: She is getting so close to crawling! She pulls her legs underneath her, and she pushes herself forward with them but then falls onto her belly. Then she does a G.I. Jane belly crawl across the floor. She's starting to realize that if she keeps her legs tucked underneath her, she can move a little better. It's so much fun to watch her scoot around and to figure it out a little bit more each day.

And this morning I was greeted with a poopy crib to clean up. She hasn't had a dirty diaper in the morning in a long time, but this morning there was a blowout and it was all over her, the sheet, the blanket... She got a quick wipedown and then enjoyed a splash in the tub to clean her up. Oh, the joys of motherhood!