Monday, June 9, 2008

Whirlwind Weekend

What a weekend! We managed to see all our parents and even some of the great-grandparents on Saturday. Mom and Jerry stopped by for a few minutes to get some Charlotte-lovin' in before they did some playing in Jacksonville. Then we headed down to Melrose to Mom & Dad Rollins' (a.k.a. Toto & Pop's) house. Jared's grandpa, PaPaw, and his sweet girlfriend, Ms. Lillian, were there too so they were able to see Charlotte too. We had lunch with them and watched some videos of Charlotte and Gavin's graduation from bootcamp before heading off to Hampton. There, we celebrated my grandpa's (Pop's) 87th birthday! It was the first time a lot of the relatives met Charlotte and she was spoiled rotten and held the whole time. She only had one good nap that morning so I was nervous she would be really cranky, but she didn't get fussy until the end of the evening (other than the van rides, of course, since she is not a fan of being in her car seat), which was our cue to head back home.

Sneaking a quick nap in with Toto

Left to Right, Mel (at least Mel's forehead... she's hiding:), Ms. Lillian, Toto, PaPaw and Charlotte, Pop, me, and Jared

Four generations: Grandma & Pop, Papa, Mommy and Charlotte

Charlotte playing with her Papa

Sunday was another busy day. I'm afraid that Charlotte is going to be the baby who will cause the nursery workers to run and hide. The Sunday School hour is right in the middle of her usual naptime so the past few times she's been in there she's been especially cranky. They try putting her in one of the cribs, but I think there's just too much going on and too much too look at with all the other babies playing for her to be able to go to sleep. Any suggestions?

Once we got home we went into cleaning mode to get everything ready for hosting the Home Bible Study. Instead of an evening service, our church splits into groups and within the groups, different people will host the Bible Study. Discussion questions are included in the church bulletin and we go over those. It's nice to be able to get different insights and to be able to ask questions about things we might need some clarification on. Afterwards, we eat! Whoever hosts makes the main dish (I made BBQ meatloaf- yummy!), and everyone else signs up to bring a side, dessert, or drink. We've really enjoyed that time to get to know some people in the church a little better. But we're taking a break from the Home Bible Studies for the summer, so last night was the last time we'll meet until August :( Hosting the studies has made Jared and I even happier and more grateful for our home because our living room is big enough that it can easily fit 25 people. Squeezing into the kitchen to get the food-- that's another story :)

Charlotte playing on Monday morning