Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Charlotte's 6 Month Check-Up

Charlotte had her 6 month check-up today! It's over a month late, but we scheduled it at her 4 month visit and this was the first time that was available for us to see her pediatrician rather than one of the nurse practitioners. She's right on track with her height and weight, weighing in at 16 lbs. 14 oz. and 26 inches long (both right at the 50th percentile). Her head measurement was 45 1/2 centimeters, which is between the 95th and 97th percentile! Dr. Miles said that her soft spot is small so there is no reason to be concerned about it. She said she just needs room for all her brains that have her doing things like sitting up and crawling, which she's doing earlier than most babies her age.

She also got another shot today and, for the first time, she didn't cry at all! What a big girl! Her pediatrician is really big on keeping the kids on a slower schedule to make sure there is less of a chance for the vaccines to interact and cause fevers and fussiness. She's only getting one shot at a time, which has been great because she hasn't had any reactions to them at all. Just another reason I am so thankful for being able to stay at home so she doesn't have to be in day care and get a lot of the vaccines at once!


Arin Rollins said...

What a big girl! I can't believe that she didn't cry! Ella used to cry when we would lay her on the doctor's table! Anson's head always measured big too...must be a Rollins thing. Thanks for keeping us posted on her milestones!