Friday, June 6, 2008

Look What I Can Do!

At the baby shower that my church threw for me, I was slightly overwhelmed. First of all, I was surprised at how many people came. Jared and I had been members for only a couple months and I did not know too many people outside of our Home Bible Study group, so I figured it would be just a few ladies who happened to have that weekday night free. Little did I know, the "Ladies of Grace" (Grace Community Church, Ladies of Grace... get it? :) take baby showers very seriously! So many women showed up, half of whom I had not even met before. And they not only gave of their time by being there to show their excitement and encouragement for our growing family, they showered us with so many gifts. It just blew me away. Some of the gifts were especially... well, special! We received several handmade items that were so beautiful. Two adorable hooded bath towels (one embroidered with Charlotte's name), two beautiful receiving blankets, and one of the blankets was tucked inside a matching tote with two matching burp cloths. So sweet!

Their sewing talents surpass mine by far, but I decided to attempt to make a blanket for a baby gift (copying one of the designs for one of the blankets given to Charlotte). The wife of one of Jared's co-workers is expecting a little girl sometime in the next couple weeks (I can't remember her exact due date, but it's soon!). They are doing the nursery in a neutral "Jungle Babies" theme, so when I saw the monkey print, it seemed too perfect. As I was working on it, I wasn't even sure if I would end up giving it to her because I was scared it would turn out looking like a 5 year old put it together, but I'm pretty pleased with how it ended up. I had some extra fabric left, so I made two matching burp cloths. It'll be so exciting to meet their little one and for Charlotte to have another little playmate!

And thank you, Jared, for being so patient while the dining room table was converted to sewing central for the past two weeks!


Arin Rollins said...

Wow! You did a great job! It looks VERY professional! What a nice gift. Now you can start a sewing business (like you'd have time to, right?):o)

Chad & Amber said...

I am so impressed! The sister-in-laws can open a business, you and Arin can design and make blankets, birp clothes and bags and I will make cakes. :-)