Monday, June 2, 2008

Family Fun

Yesterday we got to see Arin, Anson, and Ella for the first time since Christmas! It was so fun to see Charlotte and Ella interacting. They sat on the floor trying to grab at and slap each other, all in good baby fun of course :) Anson is just a bundle of energy and all-boy. Ella is so sweet-natured and is quite the contortionist- we were amazed at how limber and "wiggly" she is! Arin took more pictures than I did, but here's a cute one of the grandkids with Toto & Pop.

Ella gave Charlotte some crawling lessons and I think they're going to pay off - Charlotte scoots around a little better every day. She still looks like she's trying to "swim" across the carpet and pushes herself forward with her toes. But she's not far away from crawling all over the place!

Charlotte fell asleep on the way home, in the midst of her efforts to get her entire fist into her mouth.

These pictures are from last week, but I wanted to be sure to share them. I bought Charlotte an exersaucer, which she has really enjoyed. This is one of her favorite ways to play with it...