Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Fast Life

I really hate that I get around to blogging so infrequently because I feel like so much happens between posts that when I do update there's just so much to tell you and it would need to be a novel's length to cover everything. So here are some highlights...

Naomi has been sleeping really well. I feed her right before we go to bed, around 10 or 11:00, and though she gives me trouble sometimes in getting to sleep, once she does fall asleep, she has been sleeping till 5:45 or 6:00. On Saturday, she even slept till 7:00! I know some people say a child as young as her should be getting fed more often, but she's getting plenty of food - she weighs 15 pounds at 2 months old! Jared continues to be the Master Swaddler and has also added Master Sleep-Inducer to his list of titles. Quite often Naomi will be asleep in my arms but the minute I put her down she wakes up. Jared has the magic touch with the butt-patting though because she almost always goes right to sleep and stays asleep when he puts her down. I will be sending his boss notification this week that Jared will be working from home from now on so that he can swaddle and put Naomi down for all of her naps.

I have started a Bible study with some ladies in our church and am really enjoying it. We're reading With the Master in the School of Tested Faith by Susan Heck on the book of James. It is fantastic! I actually started it several months ago with another group of ladies, but the pregnancy made me lazy and after we got into the second chapter (of James, not just the study book:), I sort of phased out. But most of the ladies in this group are in our Home Bible Study so I see them on Sunday evenings and I think the accountability will help me.

Jared and I have officially taken over as nursery coordinators at church! We were informed shortly after Charlotte was born and we volunteered to work in the nursery that we were being "groomed" to take over as coordinators. Well, there wasn't much grooming that went on and we were able to dodge the bullet when they were looking for the next replacements, but they suckered us into it assured us of the blessing it was to the families and what a blessing it would be to us as well. :) I kid, I kid. We're really excited about it and are doing our best to learn the ropes as quickly as possible. In addition to the usual difficulties of workers not showing up and finding replacements, we have the added challenge of a very fertile membership that has recently grown with the addition of several new families with multiple children themselves and not enough space to fit everyone in. Oh, and throw in the fact that Jared and I don't know all of the workers so when someone suggests finding So-and-So to fill in, we have no idea who So-and-So is. We've only been going to the church for two and a half years, you can't expect us to know people yet! There are several challenges, but I believe that Jared will be a wonderful head of this ministry. He is very organized and has an eye for recognizing how things can be done more efficiently so that will be a huge asset. And me, well I'm the trusty side-kick who will change the bulletin boards once a quarter and wash and fold the sheets for the infants each week :)

I have started Jillian Michael's The Shred workout! It's a 30-day workout that only takes 20 minutes each day. Yesterday was Day 1 and tomorrow will be Day 2. Haha, did you catch that? Yeah, I'm skipping a day already. We hosted our Home Bible Study tonight so we spent our time after church making sure the house was presentable for guests. Am I the only whose house is only spic-and-span when they have company coming? It drives Jared nuts. "Why don't we keep it clean for us?" Yes, I often leave dishes in the sink, have an unmopped floor, and a ring around the toilet bowls, but I don't want other people to know that! Anyway, I was running around cleaning and tidying (Jared was helping too, what a sweet, patient and very wonderful husband I have!) and because of the Super Bowl, we had people here later than usual and I don't like to work out or exercise to0 late in the evenings because it makes me wired and then I can't sleep runonfragmentsentence. There will always be an excuse, I know, but I really do want to stick to it. I am sick of this post-baby body of mine. I might tape two pictures to the TV while I'm working out: one of me before babies and one of me now. That way, when Jillian is kicking my butt and making me hate her, I can look at the picture and remember that I hate my stomach and thighs even more.

Charlotte has been almost two weeks without her beloved Mickey Mouse! I haven't even turned the TV on during the day since her tantrum over him. That's huge for me, folks! I have a tendency to turn the TV on and leave it on, even if it's not being watched. You'd think with less time spent with my rear in front of the TV that I would get more things done around the house. Nah, I just find other ways to waste my time, like cutting up an old shirt of mine into a dress for Charlotte. And I say "waste" because that project was exactly that. A waste. It ended up being a total flop. Oh well.

Alright, well that's all I can think to share now... See, even doing the highlights, it still turns into a novel. I'm chatty even in blogland. Sheesh! I'll try to post pictures of the girls tomorrow but I'm too tired to mess with all that mess tonight. Naomi, not wanting us to get too comfortable with a good night's sleep, changed things up by waking at 3:00 a.m. to eat and then again at 5:00, at which time she felt it would be fun to party till 6:30. After that and a busy day today, I am really hoping for some uninterrupted sleep! Night, ya'll!


Lehmansterms said...

I enjoyed your long post and am so relieved to know I am not the only one who has a clean house just for guests. :) It's not that I don't want a clean house for us, but life gets in the way! I am remembering the newborn days and the lack of sleep and rejoicing with you that Naomi is sleeping longer stretches!

Unknown said...

We actually have a rule that "someone" must do the dishes before bed every single night but this morning we woke to 2 full sinks worth of dishes. Very depressing Monday morning.