Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Atlanta Weekend

Last weekend when it was so extremely cold, we went up to Atlanta to visit with Dusty & Arin and to meet the newest addition to their family, sweet little Asa! It snowed on us on the way up there and by Saturday morning, the kids had some beautiful snow to play in. Here are some pictures from our weekend...

Anson, Charlotte, and Ella, cuddled up watching some Saturday morning cartoons

Charlotte called the snow "snow ma'am"... Like "snow man", but a lady??

Sweet Ella playing in the snow

Dusty and Ella working on a snow man... this is about as big as he got. We grew tired and cold very quickly out there!

We went to eat at our favorite restaraunt, the Penang. Penang is the name of the island in Malaysia where Jared's family lived as missionaries and where he proposed to me. We always get the same thing when we eat there. Roti canai, a crispy Indian style pancake served with a curry chicken potato sauce...

...and chicken satay, skewered grilled chicken served with a peanut sauce.

Other than going out for dinner on Saturday night, we mostly just stayed in and relaxed. We were all quite tired!

Here is sweet little Asa! He has the cutest wrinkly forehead you've ever seen! He was born at 6 pounds 14 ounces, so Arin has had the smallest and largest babies in the family (Anson was a whopping 10 pounds 3 ounces)!

Arin opening up some Play-Doh for the kids. She amazed me with how much energy she had only three weeks after having a baby!

Asa and Naomi, 3 weeks and 2 months, respectively. Just a little bit of a size difference between the two!

The Lakewood house, a.k.a. The Money Pit. We're thrilled to not own this anymore but still like to drive by whenever we're up there to celebrate!


Arin Rollins said...

I love the pictures! And we loved having you visit! Can't wait until we live closer! Anson and Ella are still talking about playing with Charlotte! Love you all!