Friday, January 8, 2010

Naomi's First Month

It has been forever and a day since I last posted, but I'm just going to play the "new baby card". How long can I get away with that? ;) I'll try to do a post to catch up on all the goings-on of Christmas, but today's post must be about our sweet second born. It's hard to believe that Naomi is one month old today! I have loved how shortly after Jared and I were married and then when Charlotte and Naomi were born, it didn't take long to not remember what it was like before each of those life-changing events. Did that make any sense?

Naomi, as sweet as can be, has lost her status as the perfect child :) She's not been too bad, but has started to show her fussy side. I think most of her fussing, though, can be attributed to gassiness. For some reason she doesn't latch well on the left side so she ends up taking in a lot of air. I think I'll see a lactation consultant pretty soon to try to get it figured out. She has also started to show her preference for being held. While I do love to cuddle with and hold her, there are times when I have to get myself ready or change Charlotte's diaper or cook dinner (though in all honesty, I haven't been doing much cooking lately!) and I just can't hold her. She's much better about being put down for a little while than Charlotte was, but still causes some frustration, though I'm sure all babies do.

She has given us some of the cutest smiles in the world, but I'm not positive any of them were deliberate yet. I don't care, though, I'm enjoying them whenever they come. :) Jared and I have spent lots of time on the couch just staring at and laughing at the faces she makes.

Charlotte is still being as sweet as can be with Naomi. If I get Charlotte out of her crib in the mornings and don't have Naomi in my arms, she asks, "Where's Sisser?" (We've yet to convince her that "Sisser" is actually named "Naomi"). She hates to hear Naomi cry and is sometimes too helpful in trying to calm her down by bouncing the bouncy seat or swinging the swing a little too much. A few days ago I was walking Naomi around the living room to calm her down and noticed my little Mini Me with her baby doll copying my every move. When I swayed, she swayed. When I shushed, she shushed. She gives Naomi kisses all the time and has even started sharing her cross. For those who know how attached Charlotte is to her "Comfort Cross", you know that's a big deal!

This first month as a mother of two has been a lot of fun, but it is quite exhausting, as expected. There just aren't enough hours in the day for feedings, burpings, laundry, cleaning, cooking, and that long lost thing called sleeping. The feedings and burpings can't be neglected, but the latter items definitely have been. I'm blessed with a wonderfully patient and understanding husband who has picked up the slack and taken care of a lot of it for me. Unfortunately, he's at the beginning of his two busiest weeks at work so we'll both be exhausted come mid-January.

Well, I tried to get this posted on her one month birthday, but I just looked at the clock and saw that it's 12:01. I'm gonna whip out that "new baby card" again :) But because it's so late, I'll save the picture posting for tomorrow. Well, most likely not tomorrow, but hopefully it won't be another two weeks before I get around to blogging again!


Anna said...

So glad to hear that everyone is doing well! Can't wait to see more pictures!