Sunday, January 10, 2010

Our Girls

Here are some pictures of our girls from the past few weeks. I'll eventually get around to posting about all of our Christmas adventures, but it might be a couple more days. I have a list that is miles long of things that I need to get done around the house. If any of the mommas out there have any advice for how to keep the kiddos alive and well and a clean home with at least one home-cooked meal a day, please pass your wisdom on!

Making pancakes
I think we'll have another thumb-sucker on our hands

"I ♥ Daddy"
Adorable bow by BOWquet. Viviane is a friend of mine from church and she makes the cutest bows you've ever seen! Lots of the cute boutique style bows without the uppity boutique price :)

Building towers just to knock over

Charlotte's first taste of Nutella... Have you had that stuff before? It's a hazlenut chocolate spread and straight from Heaven. SO good!

After Naomi's first bath. She cried a little bit during her first bath, gave one protest cry during her second, but has since seemed to enjoy bathtime. It's quite the change from Charlotte who cried during bathtime for probably her first year.

I love this face!

She fell asleep with her arm propped up like that

Charlotte fell asleep watching some morning cartoons :)

Charlotte insisted that Naomi wanted to hold her drink

One of Naomi's sweet smiles! Still not sure that they're intentional, but how precious is this! We have an almost identical picture of Charlotte and Jared (with more of his face showing:)

Charlotte's bedhead a few mornings ago. Bad hairday, much?

Sisterly love!

Charlotte rarely smiles for pictures when asked to, so of course when she finally is smiling, Naomi has a scowl on her face

We went for sushi last night and Charlotte had a blast playing with the chop sticks

She decided to take her nap early again today... I don't know why she won't just tell me she's tired!

And a quick story... This morning Charlotte was being just a little too quiet so I went in her room to check on her. She was standing on the back of her rocking horse, about a height of 2 feet off the ground, so that she could reach the light switch. The turtle stool her Auntie Arin and Uncle Dusty gave her for Christmas was out in the garage so she had to make due with what she had available. I suppose the rocking horse was the next best thing.


Jon Sheptock Family said...

Wonderful pictures!! The girls are so precious. My only advice is to enjoy every moment with them because time flys after the second one comes! The cooking and cleaning will always be there. I cannot believe how much Naomi has changed in 1 month and Charlotte sounds like the perfect little sis. Soon they'll be pretending together and bossing each other around!