Sunday, December 20, 2009

Naomi Faye

Two weeks ago at this time, I was starting to have some contractions. In one sense it seems like forever ago, but in another it seems like just yesterday. I realize that makes little to no sense, but oh well. These past two weeks have been a blast. I'm really enjoying having two girls, and by God's grace, it hasn't been as challenging as I thought it would be. Getting up in the mornings is difficult, but thanks to DVR we have an endless supply of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so I can lay on the couch and rest some more for an episode or two (or three or four...), knowing Charlotte won't be roaming around the house getting into trouble. I usually hit a brick wall in the afternoon, but the timing of Charlotte's nap with Naomi's feedings and naps have allowed me to sleep for an hour on most days.

Charlotte is still loving on her baby sister, but is not yet convinced that her name is Naomi. A coworker of Jared's asked her what her sister's name is and Charlotte answered "Baby". She still runs over to Naomi whenever she fusses or cries, which isn't often, and tells her, "It's okay, Baby." On the way home from the store yesterday, Naomi had a couple minutes of loud screaming, which Charlotte hadn't heard from her sister, and it really upset her. She has such a sweet heart :)

But enough talk, here's what everyone really wants... (they're in reverse order with the most recent first... I'm too lazy to change the order).

She managed to escape the swaddle

Look at those lips and cheeks!

Can you see the spit bubble?!

Staring at her Papa

Cuddling with her Grandmom

Charlotte holding Naomi for the first time

Giving Naomi some shade

Kissing her baby sister :)

Those cheeks!

The hospital picture... they managed one shot with her eyes open


Shannon said...

Hoooray for pictures! It melts my heart that Charlotte is worried about Baby--I mean Naomi whenever she cries :)

Arin Rollins said...

Love the cheeks and lips! I can't wait to hold her again!! And what a sweet big sister Charlotte is!