Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Last year at this time, we had cable with DVR and most of what we watched were shows we had recorded. Because of that, we rarely saw previews and commercials and so we missed out on a new show last summer. Thankfully, though, we caught a couple previews for "WIPEOUT" over the past few weeks and saw it for the first time tonight. We were laughing for the entire hour! It is hilarious! It's like the old Japanese game shows where people go through a giant obstacle course, fall in mud, get beat half to death by large mechanical objects swinging or punching at them. Good quality family entertainment :)

And right after "WIPEOUT" comes "The Goode Family", which shows a family that takes the vegan, eco-conscious, meat is murder, organic only, Al Gore-loving idea to the extreme. It was cracking us up as well. The mom accidentally bought two-ply toilet paper, but it turned out to be okay because the dad had built a device to separate the two layers so as not to be wasteful. I don't know if it will continue to be as funny as tonight's episode was, considering the political nature of the show and the fact that most of the writers in Hollywood are liberal nutjobs. But for now, we're enjoying it!