Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sick of Poop

How's that for a post title?! But that's the state of affairs around here. Charlotte has had diarrhea since Tuesday, which isn't fun for anyone, but is even less fun for one in diapers. Or rather, the ones who clean up the mess of the one in diapers. And I say "ones" because there were a couple that required a team effort. They've been nasty. Usually she has one dirty diaper a day, very regularly in the morning, usually the second diaper of the day. She's predictable. No Phillips or Dulcolax needed for that girl. But this week... at least 2, more likely 3. And they are nasty! And they smell! The smell is bad enough, but you throw in a little morning sickness and seriously, it's just awful. And with the diarrhea has come some diaper rash, which she's never had a problem with. A little redness here and there, but nothing that one or two applications of some cream won't take care of. But the poor thing just got so red all of a sudden. She was pulling at her diaper and whining. It was so pitiful :(

Luckily, she already had an appointment scheduled for today for her 18-month well-check. (Sidenote: I cannot even believe she is a year and a half old!) The doctor said it could be her getting some teeth in that is causing the problem. I tell ya, teeth are great once you have them, but they can cause a raucus coming in. But as far as everything else, she's doing great. She's just above the 50% curve for her height, her weight is right around the 25% mark, and her head is around the 95% :) She's shaped like a lollipop!

She was scheduled to get her MMR vaccine today, but they didn't have any in the office so we were put on the waiting list. And of course, we got a call right after lunch saying that they have arrived. She has gotten all of her vaccines so far, but I'm a little nervous about the MMR. That's the one that people point towards for causing autism. I told the pediatrician my hesitations and she calmed my fears, saying that the worldwide studies are not showing any link between the two. She also mentioned that she doesn't like to just look at the U.S. studies because they are quite often funded by pharmeceutical companies and there's a bit of conflict of interest there. She said that she and the other doctor in the practice believe that some children may be genetically predisposed to getting autism, perhaps even showing a few signs before receiving the vaccine, and the vaccine acts as a trigger that sort of sets it off and causes the condition to fully develop or flourish.

Charlotte is scheduled to get her chicken pox vaccine at her 2-year well-check, but I'm leaning towards opting out of that one. The chicken pox vaccine requires boosters, which a lot of people don't realize, so as they get into adulthood they're not really immune like they think they are. Then they end up getting the virus, which is really bad for adults. I think it's better to just get the chicken pox as a child and let your body build up the immunities on its own. No boosters needed, no risk of getting it as an adult. ::Steps down from soapbox::


It was raining for three or four days straight, but it finally let up this morning. No sunshine yet, but I won't be picky. Arin is hogging all the sunshine up in Atlanta. Go see some of the cute pics of Anson and Ella, but don't go to her other blog, Easy Sewing Tips, and, most definitely, do not enter her give-away. I want to win!


Anonymous said...

You poor thing! Praying for a speedy recovery for all of you =)