Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our Baby's Birthday

Today was the due date for our sweet baby who is now in the arms of Jesus. When we lost her (I'm not sure why I say "her"... I guess it's just habit with Charlotte), I didn't give any thought to how hard it would be when her due date came around. But today is a reminder that we don't have our baby to hold. I can rejoice that she is already with our Savior Jesus, but the selfish being inside of me (that being is a large part of me) wants her for myself. In my arms. For me to hold. And see her smile. And grow.

It is bittersweet though, because we have another baby on the way. And while I am thrilled that Charlotte will have a baby brother or baby sister in December, I realize that we only have this baby because we could not have our other baby in our arms today.

We'd like to ask you to pray for our friends, Nick and Kelly. They are a sweet couple in our Young Married's Sunday School class and received devastating news this past weekend. Kelly is 7 months pregnant, and though she has had a healthy pregnancy up to this point, the doctors could not find the baby's heartbeat. She will be delivering the baby today, and I just cannot comprehend the hurt they are feeling. I feel lucky that we were able to find out early in the pregnancy about the loss of our child. At 7 months along, you think that you're in the clear. I am sure their home will feel very empty when they come home without their sweet little boy in their arms. Please pray for them to feel a comfort from the Lord that only He can give. I know those prayers, and time, are the only things that can heal the pain.


Anonymous said...

First, you are in my prayers!

But I will also pray for your friends. My step-brother's fiance was pregnant at the same time as me, only a little ahead, and the day that we found out Mason's sex, she got rushed to the ER. She was almost 6 months and the baby died. She had to deliver the baby and was devasted. It was a girl and later tests showed that it was apparently healthy--they could not explain why it passed away.

So sad.

Florida Girl said...

I am praying for and thinking of you and Jared today. I know it must not be easy to talk about and blog but I am glad you did. It is another strong reminder to me/everyone of the value of each and every child that God makes. I know that your baby is with the Lord but I think it is important for your friends to remember that the hurt and loss still linger here on Earth. Making us aware of an estimated birthday brought that very in focus for me today. I am also praying for your friends today. I cannot imagine walking in their shoes today.

Arin Rollins said...

I am praying. It's hard NOT to be nervous during a pregnancy knowing that anything can happen. Just rest in His hands, knowing that is where all the babies are.

Kerri said...

What a sad day for you and your friends. We lost a child, an infant son who died from SIDS, 4 years ago and it is a devastating loss. Sending thoughts of peace.

Mom Rollins said...

You & your friends are in our prayers. 34 years ago I, like you, miscarried our 2nd child. Like you we were very sad, but trusted God. Then, "like you", we were thrilled to conceive again, though we knew that if the first baby had lived we would not have been given this one. The one God allowed us to hold in our arms was Jared! What a blessing & joy!!