Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy Birthday, Charlotte!

It's hard for me to believe that four years ago today, we were holding this sweet little baby for the first time.

We made the mistake of blinking and now she's already four. I'm not sure how it happened, but our baby is no longer a baby. She's officially a big girl and does not hesitate in telling you so.

She's a snuggler, thumb-sucker and she still loves her cross.

She is spunky, sassy, and full of life. She loves playing with Naomi and teaching her new things. Here, she is apparently teaching her the art of hide-and-seek.

She loves to sing and even makes up her own praise and worship songs. While not always theologically accurate ;-) it is so sweet to hear her sing praises to our King.

I'm not sure where she gets it from, but she has bossy tendencies. Here, she is telling the girl behind her to "Sshh!" because Charlotte felt like she was singing too loudly during the performance.

She keeps us in stitches with the things she says. Here is a sampling of some Charlotte-isms that will give you a glimpse into her personality...

"My back is a disaster... my neck is killing me!" (Dramatic, much?)

"Mommy, how do you spell PUPPY?" I tell her "P-U-P-P-Y. "Mommy, when we get home, can Naomi cuddle with her P-U-P-P-Y?"

"When you get blood on you, and you fall down, and your eyes close, and your tongue sticks out... That means you are SO dead!"

"Daddy, if you give me a dollar, I will play something else with you."

When I was spending many hours of the day on the couch with "morning" sickness, she asked, "Mommy, what can I do to make you feel better?"

One day last month she helped me make dinner and I asked her what she thought her Daddy would say when we told him. "I think he'll say, 'Oh snap!'"

She saw a tattoo on the foot of a friend of mine and came to tell me, "Mommy, I've never drawn on myself before," then proceeded to ask how old she needed to be to have writing on her.

She saw the Siri icon on Jared's iPad and said, "Daddy, push that button. You can ask her questions." (We don't have Siri on our phones but she's seen the commercials and has already figured out how it works!)

Sweet Charlotte, we love you so much. We're excited to see how the Lord uses all that passion He's given you!


Shannon said...

Catching up on my blog readings, and I had to muffle my laughter at the picture of her turning around and telling the other girl to "Shhh!" I think I saw that on your facebook when she did it, but it's still so funny. Reminds me of something I'd do. Maybe it's an oldest child thing, lol.

I have to admit that reading this made me a little sad. When I look at pictures from my wedding (which seriously didn't seem that long ago) and I see pictures of her crawling on the stairs at the W, then compare it with her now, it's just so crazy how fast she's grown. Sounds so cliche, but it's so true!

Mike Bonfanti said...

Hey Brittnay! I tagged you in a meme on my blog dated 2/4/12. Reply if you'd like!