Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What's Going On

With my infrequent postings, I tend to forget about all the happenings of our family, so I'll just look back through some pictures and give a recap on what's been going on around here.

1. Spending time together. Aww :) The girls both light up when their daddy gets home from work. It's adorable to watch.

2. I tried on a dress I bought on our honeymoon. It still fits...

Sort of...
I'm no good at taking pictures of myself, especially of my back, but that zipper made it about halfway up.

3. We've been to the pool a few more times. Naomi is super cute sporting Jared's shades. (This is definitely a posed shot. It lasted about 0.20837 seconds).

4. August was my month of weddings. I coordinated two, was assistant florist and reception coordinator at another, and was a guest at a fourth. And two of the weddings were on the same weekend! It was a lot of fun, but I'll enjoy a nice little break before the next wedding I'm coordinating (not till February). Here's a sample of what I did as assistant florist/reception coordinator (Amber, my sister-in-law, and her cousin, Sarah, have started Sweet Aroma, a floral business after doing the flowers for several weddings within the past year. They do amazing work and can do a lot within a small budget!)

And here is the only picture from the wedding I coordinated this past weekend.
Emily and Alan, two friends from our church, were married in a very personal and sweet ceremony. I was probably more nervous with this wedding than I have been with any others I've done before. There were four reasons for this: 1. Two friends were getting married and I wanted their day to be extra perfect. 2. More than half of the bridal party and probably half of the guests were friends of ours from church. This meant that if anything were to go wrong, every time they saw me (twice a week for some of them), they could say, "Hey, way to screw up their ceremony!" 3. It was the first time my church-folk saw me "in my element" and I didn't want to look incompetent. I don't mind looking incompetent as a mother or nursery coordinator, my usual elements, but looking incompetent as a coordinator would not be acceptable! 4. It was a crazy busy weekend with having to leave the reception early to catch a flight for another wedding (that post will come soon... you know, the "Brittany version of soon") so that just added to the nerves. But the ceremony turned out beautifully and what I saw of the reception was fantastic as well.

5. Naomi is almost 9 months and is at such a fun stage. She's crawling, pulling herself up and walking along furniture. This translates to getting into everything. She loves to play in Charlotte's room, which Charlotte is usually quite happy about. One day after waking up from a nap, Naomi crawled into Charlotte's room but didn't see her in there, so she started crying. It melts my heart to see how much they love each other! (I have no idea why the picture looks funky here. Technology hates me.)


Shannon said...

That is so incredibly sweet that Naomi cried because she didn't see Charlotte! I love the picture of the girls and Jared. And to finish this random comment, that church looks beautiful. And I can't wait for the Chicago hurry it up (pot calling the kettle black).