Friday, September 10, 2010

Disney - Part II

Jared and Naomi showing off and looking cute

Charlotte couldn't fight the nap off any longer.

This little moment melted my heart. Daddy fixing his little girl's hair :) I guarantee the only reason he did this is because he knew I made those little ears for the girls and was hoping they'd wear them throughout the day. Such a wonderful father and husband!

This is the sky as we were leaving. I don't know if it was a spotlight thingamajig (according to spell-check, "thingamajig" is a word! Who knew?!) or clouds, but how neat does that sky look!

We bought weekday passes so we can get into all four of their parks Monday - Friday, with the exception of some block-out dates. The block-out dates are the times that school is out, so during the summer, two weeks at Christmas, and two weeks during the spring. It's so crowded during those times that we likely wouldn't go then anyway. I'm quite excited about it! I'm trying to decide when our next trip should be. Jared says he needs more than a week to recover. He's a Disney light-weight like that :)


BOWquet said...

We have the passes too, we should go together one day! :)

The pictures are awesome! Love the minnie mouse ears. :)

Kelly said...

how fun! those ears are just precious!

Shannon said...

I LOVE the pictures! I want to go now. The ears looked adorable :) Jared is an awesome dad & father for putting up with Disney. Hopefully Thad will enjoy it more when we have kids to take!

Anonymous said...

Adorable girls!! I'm jealous of the passes! We've only been there ONCE since we moved to Florida in 2004. Lame! Scott keeps saying, "when the boys get older." Boo!