Monday, September 27, 2010

Rollins Weddings

Many moons ago we went to some fantastic weddings to celebrate new additions to the Rollins family. Because I slack and don't blog often, I'm just now getting around to uploading the pictures. Better late than never... And the quality of the pictures are horrible because I was holding a squirming baby while taking most of them.

Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel and Vanessa Rollins

We traveled up to Nashville to see Nathaniel and Vanessa get married. It was such a beautiful ceremony! We enjoyed seeing several aunts and uncles and lots of cousins.

Uncle Tim and Aunt Cindy


James (This is the best shot I could get of him? Seriously need to work on my photog skills!)

Alex. He's a handsome little guy and by that smile, I'm going to guess he knows it :)


Nick & Hannah



All of them are members of the Tim & Cindy Rollins clan. (Their oldest, Tim and his family, could not be there because of his service in the military.) "Be fruitful and multiply!"

Naomi showing off in the parking lot of the church

Alex dancing with Charlotte. She hardly left the dance floor all night!

Naomi and Kristina (another Rollins cousin)

At the end of August we traveled up to Chicago to see the wedding of Jamie and Nate in her parent's back yard. It was a beautiful and very special ceremony. They were actually married a week before at Nate's parent's home so that his mom could be there to see them get married. She was battling pancreatic cancer and couldn't make the trip from her home in Indiana to Chicago. Thanks to Skype, though, she was able to see the second ceremony as well. She wasn't able to be there to celebrate the wedding with the rest of the family, but she is now part of the eternal celebration in Heaven. Praise the Lord!

The only picture I got of the bride and groom. I'm going to use the squirmy baby excuse again.

Naomi enjoying a snuggle with Uncle Bennie

Naomi flirting with Uncle John, who I'm pretty sure she thought was her Pop.

After the ceremony and a nap back at the hotel, we headed into downtown Chicago for a couple hours.

Orange and blue sunset. God is definitely a Gator fan.

How we set up the hotel room so the TV wouldn't bother Naomi while she slept

Naomi, on her first flight, doing a little light reading. She got a little fussy on one of the legs of the trip, but overall was a great traveler. (Because we'd have to pay for a ticket for Charlotte, she stayed back home with her Grammy and Grampy and had an absolute blast! This trip was the longest I had been away from her so I was more than anxious to have my big girl in my arms again!)