Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pool Fun

We took the girls to the pool in our neighborhood a few weeks ago and they both had a blast. I think they are going to be little water bugs this summer!

Don't worry, Jared is sitting right beside Naomi and his hand is underneath the water holding her :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Oh My Word

A little while ago we had two Jehovah's Witnesses ring our doorbell. A high school or college aged boy and girl. I answered the door and thanked them for their invitation to a huge event they have every year on the UF campus. Charlotte ran up beside me and the girl told her hello and kind of giggled. It wasn't until a few minutes after they left that I realized that all Charlotte had on was her pajama top. No bottoms. Not even a diaper! She had been sitting on the potty right before that and I told her to get a diaper from her closet and bring it back to me. She didn't and I got distracted so she was running around like a redneck child for a few minutes. And now there are two JW's who think I'm nutso.

I swear we're not white trash.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


**I will share a funny story with you, but only on one condition: You must not think any less of Jared or me, especially in regards to our intelligence. We both have college degrees (he has lots of 'em, actually!) and are pretty smart folks. But there was a time when neither of us were thinking clearly and a lot of ridiculousness ensued.**

Shortly after we moved into our house, we needed to replace the light bulbs in our dining room. The fixture was on a dimming switch, so I went to Lowe's in search of dimming light bulbs. I searched the whole row of light bulbs in the store and could not find any that specified they were of the "dimming variety". I was peeved. Seriously, how could Lowe's not have them?!

I told Jared when he got home from work, so off we went to a specialty lighting store near our house. A fancy lighting store that sold light fixtures that were crazy expensive. We walked around for a couple minutes, looking for the light bulb section of the store. When we couldn't find it, we went up to the counter to ask for help.

"Do you have any light bulbs? The dimming kind?" I asked. The clerk gave me a puzzled look.

"We don't sell light bulbs... but all light bulbs will dim." We were shocked. Was he pulling our leg? "I'll go to the back and see if we have any light bulbs. How many do you need?"

"Four." And what do you know, he came back with four light bulbs for us. After we left, I'm sure he told all of his co-workers about the two idiots who came into the uppity special lighting store asking for light bulbs. "The dimming kind".

**There you go. The tale of two dimwits who wanted dimming light bulbs. I swear we're not idiots. For real. Please don't think less of us. If you're ever in our home, please turn on and be amazed by our fancy dimming dining room light. We have indoor plumbing that I bet will impress you too.**

Friday, June 4, 2010


Quite possibly the cutest thing ever.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Go Fly A Kite

Stink Eye Things

Yesterday I noticed some goopy mess coming out of Naomi's left eye and this morning it was an even goopier, crusty mess. After a phone call and visit to the doctor to confirm that it is pink eye, I made a visit to the pharmacy for the meds and a visit to the health food store for some herbal stuff that will hopefully prevent the rest of us from getting the nasty mess. The bright side of it all is that the doctor recommended Jared not go into work for a day just to make sure he doesn't have it and doesn't spread it. This evening I was trying to tell him that I hated that he was home because one of our girls was sick, but that I was glad he was home with us. But he stopped me when the only words I had gotten out were, "I hate that you're home..." and threw a sarcastic hissy fit. Much like the time he did when I was telling him that although painting was a pain, I really liked doing things with him, though it came out, "It's a pain, but I enjoy spending the time with you." Somehow the words and thoughts are lost in translation between my brain and mouth.

Anyway, lots has been happening lately but I just can't seem to find haven't made the time to post the cute pictures and videos of it all. Maybe with Jared home I'll be able to get some of it posted tomorrow. Nah, that's pretty unlikely since one of the fun facets of pink eye is that it is very contagious so I'll be washing sheets and blankets and wiping down toys and shampooing carpets and such things tomorrow. And did I mention Naomi is just a sweet ball of sunshine when she's not feeling well? Oh, I didn't mention that? That's good, 'cause if I had said anything along those lines it would have been a lie. Anyway, here are a couple pictures of her back when she didn't have a nasty eye infection and was being her cute little self.