Saturday, June 12, 2010


**I will share a funny story with you, but only on one condition: You must not think any less of Jared or me, especially in regards to our intelligence. We both have college degrees (he has lots of 'em, actually!) and are pretty smart folks. But there was a time when neither of us were thinking clearly and a lot of ridiculousness ensued.**

Shortly after we moved into our house, we needed to replace the light bulbs in our dining room. The fixture was on a dimming switch, so I went to Lowe's in search of dimming light bulbs. I searched the whole row of light bulbs in the store and could not find any that specified they were of the "dimming variety". I was peeved. Seriously, how could Lowe's not have them?!

I told Jared when he got home from work, so off we went to a specialty lighting store near our house. A fancy lighting store that sold light fixtures that were crazy expensive. We walked around for a couple minutes, looking for the light bulb section of the store. When we couldn't find it, we went up to the counter to ask for help.

"Do you have any light bulbs? The dimming kind?" I asked. The clerk gave me a puzzled look.

"We don't sell light bulbs... but all light bulbs will dim." We were shocked. Was he pulling our leg? "I'll go to the back and see if we have any light bulbs. How many do you need?"

"Four." And what do you know, he came back with four light bulbs for us. After we left, I'm sure he told all of his co-workers about the two idiots who came into the uppity special lighting store asking for light bulbs. "The dimming kind".

**There you go. The tale of two dimwits who wanted dimming light bulbs. I swear we're not idiots. For real. Please don't think less of us. If you're ever in our home, please turn on and be amazed by our fancy dimming dining room light. We have indoor plumbing that I bet will impress you too.**


Kelly said...

That is hysterical!! Haha! I used to think there were special dimming light bulbs too. I think everyone goes through that realization at some point...maybe?