Sunday, September 13, 2009

Charlotte's Favorite Word

Charlotte has been cracking us up with her use of the word "stuck" lately! You may remember a couple weeks ago when she was stuck in the crib. Since then, she has found herself in several other situations where she has found the word to be appropriate. If she has trouble moving something (her rocking chair or rocking horse or the ottoman - she likes to rearrange everything), it is "stuck". When she can't get the shoes off of her baby doll, they are "stuck". When she is in her car seat and wants out, she is "stuck". If Jared is tickling her and she's done playingg their game but can't get up because of the paralyzing force of tickles, she is "stuck". When he spins her around in the laundry basket and she feels the centrifugal force pushing her against the basket, she is "stuck". When she is constipated, things are "stuck". :/ Her excessive use of the word cracks us up!