Thursday, September 10, 2009

Naomi's First Present!

Naomi received her first present yesterday! You know, other than the gift of life and all :) My sweet cousin, Becky, sent this adorable diaper cake for her. Her friend makes these adorable cakes, and it is obvious how much thought and love went into it. The theme for Naomi's room will be the "Fruits of the Spirit" (using red and ivory toile and blue accents... the colors of strawberries and blueberries were my inspiration:), and the cake goes right along with the theme. Grapevine wrapped around the bottom and a pear perched on top. It's just precious!

Seriously, it's the cutest thing ever! Thank you so much, Becky!


Anonymous said...

I love the nursery theme and colors! What are y'all doing with everything else that's in the office? And the gift from Becky looks adorable!

Anonymous said...

I am SO glad you liked it! :)

Arin Rollins said...

That is adorable!!