Sunday, September 13, 2009

Busted Lip

Charlotte got her first busted lip last week :( I was babysitting Roman, one of her little friends from church, and the two of them were playing by the bench in the foyer. They had taken the cushion off of it and were having fun sitting and rolling around on it. I didn't see what happened, but somehow Charlotte fell and hit her lip on the corner of the bench. The screaming began immediately, followed shortly by a flow of blood. It was hard to tell how deep the cut was and where exactly all the blood was coming from. Kari, Roman's mom, got there a few minutes later so I was able to take Charlotte up to the Take Care Clinic at Walgreens, just to make sure the cut didn't require stitches. Thankfully, the Family Nurse Practitioner who was there said the cut didn't look deep enough for stitches. Whew! Later that evening, her lip was already looking much better.

I love Charlotte's pediatrician , but the Take Care Clinic has been very handy to have just down the road from us. We also took Charlotte there to have her mosquito bite looked at when she swelled up so much, and both times the PA's took a look at her and gave their recommendations, but because no major exam or medication was needed they didn't even charge us. Jared also went there when he had a bad sinus infection that had him wiped out for about a week, which was extra handy since neither of us have a regular physician (though maybe his oncologist would have seen him for the sinus infection!).


Arin Rollins said...

That is good to know about the clinic... I need to see if we have one near us! Poor Charlotte! Looks like she was in a fight... but she's still soooooo adorable! :o)

Whitney said...

She's a fighter! She'll get through it :) I'm sure it scared Mama though!