Monday, April 20, 2009

Pregnancy and Motherhood

Something I discovered during my pregnancy with Charlotte and am having confirmed now is that "morning sickness" can more aptly be described as "feel like crap all day sickness". And to ensure that women will be willing to have more than one child, I believe God grants us the ability to forget about the sickness and discomforts of pregnancy and the pain of childbirth. I'm thinking of Grandma, my Dad's mom, and Aunt Cindy, Jared's aunt, who had 11 and 9 children, respectively. They must have been quite forgetful during their childbearing years :)


Wife and Mom said...

I can certainly identify with you on the "all day and for more than the beginning" sickness. I hear some ladies don't have any and that's why I hate them. :o) lol

Wife and Mom said...

by the way--you and Jared need to meet me for that "love photo session" when you are ready. We can put Charlotte in some and then have someone there to watch her while we bring out the romance. haha

Call me for that, Charlotte in the flower field, maternity and new baby photos!

luke and wyatt's mom said...

I can't talk about the morning sickness-I had all day yuck with Wyatt but never got sick (sorry Pam!) I can, however, talk about how we forget more and more with more amazes me how much I can't remember these days! I hope your "all day sickness" passes very, very soon :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, sweetie! I am never sick normally and thought I would sail through pregnancy. As you know, I was sick as a dog ALL DAY! It was horrible. After throwing up on my way to court one morning and the whole day afterwards, I finally broke down and called my doctor for help.

And, as if that wasn't bad enough, I wanted to do nothing but SLEEP all the time. It was like I had the flu.

Dominion Family said...

I never was a graceful pregnant person and I despised morning/all day sickness and the extreme fatigue of early pregnancy but once the boat is in the basement all you can do is muddle through. You don't even have to muddle through gracefully. Just drag yourself through those 12 weeks and hopefully one day you will wake up and feel somewhat normal again. The good news is that I never had morning sickness with my miscarriages. It is usually a sign that all is well.

You really do begin to feel that you must be a lazy good-for-nothing person during that time and then suddenly one day you feel terrific. I can vividly remember falling over asleep on the couch while doing spelling lessons with the kids. Timothy and Nicholas were pretty used to that stage of my life since I went through it often during their childhood.

All that to say I am sooooo sorry you are sick but I am excited there will be another little gator fan soon.