Tuesday, April 21, 2009


The past two weeks have been rough, to say the least. What started as just being tired has turned into nausea that just doesn't seem to go away. But I have heard "the sicker, the better" as a sign for a healthy baby, so that at least is comforting. But I am sooo looking forward to the second trimester when this nausea will (hopefully) be gone.

I really have not done much of anything the past week. I am so grateful for Jared because he has been wonderful in taking good care of me and putting up with an untidy home. And I can't remember the last time I actually cooked for him, yet he doesn't complain. I have a winner of a husband!

A few of the happenings over the last few days...

Last Saturday our church had a picnic, including a chili cook-off. I made a pot of bbq pork chili, which I love, not only because it is delicious, but also because it only takes about 10 minutes to throw together. And now when I serve it, I can tell people that it is my prize-winning recipe because it won first place! Whooty Hoo!

On Saturday morning while I was getting the chili ready, Charlotte came into the kitchen looking like this...

She found my bathing suit on the floor in the closet and took it into Jared asking for his help to put it on. She is hysterical!

Saturday evening, while Jared and I went to my cousin, Mandy's, surprise party at Dave & Buster's, Jared's Mom and her friend Mel stayed home with Charlotte. They said she had a few tears right after we left, but played and giggled the rest of the night. Mom said that Charlotte was playing with a blood pressure cuff that goes in a little doctor's kit she has, then paused for a minute and looked like she was thinking really hard. Then she ran over to the sliding glass door and started pointing outside on the porch. Mom went over to see what she was so excited about and saw that Charlotte was pointing to her stethoscope that goes in the kit that was outside. It was amazing to us that she recognized the two objects as going together and that she remembered where it was. I'm sure we're the only parents who have ever thought that our daughter is a genius :)
Mandy's an old geezer now :) (She's 6 months older than me)

On Monday night, I was planning to go to Keystone to see Gavin sworn in as City Councilman, but at the last minute had to decide to stay home because I was feeling quite rough. Jared took Charlotte and they were able to stand beside Gavin as he took his oath. We know Gavin wasn't the favorite candidate of the mayor, but we're very excited he won the election (by three votes!) and know he will be a breath of fresh air on the council.

This afternoon we took a quick trip over to Keystone to celebrate James's first birthday! We had a great time seeing everyone over that way, and especially enjoyed watching the excitement James had at all of the celebration. He was especially excited over the cake he had all to himself! Such a sweet boy!

A few days ago we bought Charlotte a little potty seat that fits over the toilet to try out. She was not a fan of it at first, but after we let her sit on it on the floor and see that it wasn't going to hurt her, she started to enjoy sitting on it. At first we thought it was just lucky timing that she happened to pee while she was sitting on it, but she has done it several times over the past few days. This morning she even got my attention and started walking towards and pointing at the bathroom. I put her on the potty and sure enough, she went! Then this evening Jared noticed she was getting her "grunt face" on, so he took her in the bathroom real quickly and she pooped! On the potty! She's such a big girl!

(Random blog question: Does anyone know how to change the date of a post? If you start a post and save it, then come back a few days later because you've forgotten about it... not that I've done that or anything... but hypothetically, how would one go about getting the date to represent the day on which the blog was actually posted?)


Whitney said...

That last shot is absolutely adorable! Missed seeing ya at Gavin's on Monday night!

Anna said...

Brittany, when you go back to that post there is a tab in the bottom left corner that says Post Options. Click on it and you can change the date and time that way.

The Shirey's said...

I'm so jealous of your potty queen! We're getting there, barely, and he's 3!! I know they say girls are easier than boys but geez!

Here's to buying less diapers very soon :)