Monday, December 15, 2008

We're Back, Ya'll!

Jared and I got back home yesterday afternoon from our weekend getaway to Savannah! We had a great time and really enjoyed getting away with just the two of us (the first time since Charlotte was born!). Jared took off work on Friday so we headed up around noon. We stayed at the Kehoe House, upon the recommendation of Shannon and my cousin, Mandy, who had each booked rooms there for their trips to Savannah. It's a Bed & Breakfast (the food was delicious!) and is right in the middle of the historical downtown part of the city.

We didn't have anything on our schedule or to-do list other than eating at The Lady & Sons restaurant on Saturday. For those who haven't heard of that place, where have you been? :) Paula Deen has two shows on the Food Network but started out with just a catering business that turned into a restaurant that is now a Savannah staple. It's like the Johnny's of Keystone... times ten! They only take reservations for groups of ten or more, so we were at the restaurant around 9:00 on Saturday morning to get our names on the list for lunch. We thought with Christmas coming up that this would be their busy season and the line would be miles long, but we were pleasantly surprised that we didn't have a long line to wait in. And we were so grateful for that because Saturday had a high in the 50s- quite chilly for us folk in the South! We both had the buffet and it was quite delicious.

We did lots of walking around the city and looked in some antique shops but we also had plenty of time to relax. We, of course, missed Charlotte and her sweet smiles, but it was nice to just be with each other and not have to worry about the stroller and diapers and making sure she's bundled up enough with the cold wind...

It's hard to tell, but that's us standing in front of the Kehoe House. Isn't it just gorgeous!

And here I am with Paula... the cardboard version. My cousin, Becky, has actually met her and was on her show, 'Paula's Best Dishes'! She made biscuits and gravy with the Queen of the Butter :)


Anonymous said...

You are too cute!!

I love Savannah. I used to live in Vidalia, which is just over an hour away, then went to Georgia Southern, so I was over there a lot. But Mike and I like to go for get-aways there, too.

I have never stayed at that particular b&b, so I am excited to keep it in mind for our next trip. My favorite place to spend a weekend there is the Inn at Forsysth.

Please put lots of pix up from Christmas, by the way! We are stuck here by ourselves waiting for Mason.

XOXO, Becks