Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Such A Big Girl

Yesterday evening Jared was helping Charlotte "practice" her walking (i.e. standing her up and holding an enticing object, usually the remote control or the phone, in front of her). She was standing up by herself quite often yesterday and was getting more sure of herself and her balance. Then she crawled into the kitchen, stood up and took three very sure steps before plopping herself down back on the floor! She's taken more steps than that before, but only when we've been "practicing" with her. This time she did it all on her own! And she tried her newfound trick several more times today. She hasn't gotten any more than three steps at a time that I've noticed, but she's much more sure of herself and getting quite sturdy on her little legs! It won't be too long before I really have my hands full!

Here they are a few nights ago working on some other tricks of hers (Jared was doing double duty: playing with Charlotte and catching up with the family) :)

Of course with the thumb going to the mouth...


Arin Rollins said...

She is such a smart little girlie! I am soooo excited about #2 coming along and glad you're feeling well! Love the nursery themes!

Whitney said...



Check out my blog to know what I'm talking about :)