Monday, August 18, 2008

Almost Finished...

The kitchen has come along nicely and is looking great! I was hoping to have everything back in its place and all in order tonight, but that probably won't be done until tomorrow. The cabinet doors are all on, the drawers are in, and the knobs and handles have all been put on. So tomorrow my tasks will be to touch up some of the sides of the doors, put everything back into the cabinets, and clean up! The kitchen floor is disgusting and the carpet needs a good shampooing too since we've been walking in and out so much. I'd like to get all that done tomorrow, but I know that most likely will not happen.

Hopefully we'll have pictures to share tomorrow evening of our new kitchen!!


Unknown said...

I am waiting for the pictures since I am thinking of painting my cabinets. I absolutely trust Dusty's judgment after seeing how lovely his house was painted.

Aunt Cindy