Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving (Two Months Late)

We spent Thanksgiving day at my Dad's house. After a HUGE dinner, we played some croquet. Charlotte has croquet skills!

Jared and my Dad giving Charlotte some pointers

Charlotte taking Naomi for a ride in the wagon

Charlotte and Naomi going for a ride. They both loved the wagon!

On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, we had Jared's family over to our house. It was my first time roasting a turkey so I was nervous, but it turned out great. For some reason it doesn't look browned enough in the picture, but in person it looked (and tasted!) delicious.

I love getting out the china! This was the first time we used every place setting (we had 13 adults and 6 kids/babies to feed)!

Mid-meal. Again, a TON of food!

We also got together with my mom's family, but the only pictures I took from that day were when we were playing the Wii "Just Dance" game, and I was given strict instructions that those pictures, as hilarious as they are, must remain private within the family :)

Super Cool Party People!

The girls party (a month and a half ago...) was so much fun. We invited the family and a few of the girls' friends from our home Bible study group at church. With a few friends and our big families, there were a ton of people here! It was a blast! The evening, in pictures...

Cupcakes and chocolate-covered marshmallows

Pom-pom garland

Naomi with her Auntie Mel, Toto, and Grammy

Charlotte, taking it all in... all the people, all the presents!

Princess Charlotte with her friend Princess Averie and cousin Prince James (with a pink scepter, poor thing. Welcome to the house of Girls!)

Minnie Mouse in the house! My sweet cousin, Mandy, volunteered (or maybe I begged her) to dress up as Minnie Mouse. We borrowed the dress from Kelly, a friend of mine from high school, who dressed up for her niece's party. Charlotte was beyond excited to see her favorite character! When she answered the door and saw Minnie there, she just kind of stared with a "Is she really here?!" look on her face. Priceless!

Charlotte, taking pictures with a Minnie camera, one of her presents

Having a blast digging into each present she was given

Naomi having a blast digging into her first cupcake!

Baby's first sugar!

"Minnie, can you believe this is the first sugar they've given me?!"

I'm still trying to get all the cake off her hands

Ella enjoying the cupcakes!

Sweet James with his Mama


It has been a ridiculously long time since I last posted. (Don't I start every blog post with a similar sentence?) We've been busy around here, as has everyone, I'm sure, with the holidays that came and went in a whirlwind. Jared took off a few days before Christmas and didn't have to go back in until January 3rd, so we had lots of family time. The little ones in the home don't allow for much "down time" so I kept telling Jared that he would be doing cartwheels out of the house come Monday morning. (He assured me no gymnastics were done).

Because it's been so long since I've posted, I've missed a few important events: Charlotte's 3rd birthday, Naomi's 1st birthday, the girls' combined birthday party (we had a celebrity here!), Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I feel like all of these need a post of their own, but I have yet to upload any pictures. And I know a post is hardly a post without any pictures (especially pictures of the girls), so then I just put off posting for another day. And that's how it's ended up being a month a half since I last shared what we've been up to, 'cause I know you're all dieing to know! Anyway, we're here and doing well. And for the grandmothers and those who only come here to see Charlotte and Naomi, I'll try to get some pictures up soon!