Monday, May 10, 2010

New Paint Job

I'm never ever painting ever again. I'm done. Over it. We've lived in our home for almost three years now, and for almost three years we've said, "Why on Earth did they choose such a blah shade of beige? Why did they paint the trim such a dull color? I'm being choked by taupe." So instead of complaining about it and talking about how much we didn't like it, we finally did something about it. And you will probably laugh when you see the pictures because you really can't see much difference in the Before & Afters. The foyer, dining, and long wall the piano is on is a light yellow and the rest of the living room is a light grey with a slight hint of a green. It's a subtle change, but it freshens and lightens the room up a lot. And because every design show you will ever watch will mention the word "zen", I'll go ahead and just say that the colors lend a real zen feel to the space.

The foyer

Dining room

Living room

Living room... with the addition of a step ladder and the old blankets to be used as drop cloths


Did you notice those nice and high 12-foot vaulted ceilings? They were one of the selling points of the house for us. A great architectural feature. Also, a great pain in the rear to paint. Or so I assume. My nearly 6 foot tall husband was stretched up on a ladder doing that part. So, no more painting for us ever again. We're done. Most likely. Except that our bedroom is still beige. And the trim of our bedroom is painted in the exact same color! Who does that?! The taupe is choking me once again. I'm off to look at paint samples.


Whitney said...

Looks GREAT! Well worth the job! :)

Shannon said...

I like it! And I'm the same as you. Today I was sitting in my dining room thinking, "I should paint this." More than likely I will continue to think that until we sell the place!