Saturday, May 15, 2010

How To Anger A Breastfed Baby

Give her one of these...

We've waited too long to introduce the bottle to Naomi so now, at 5 months old, she wants nothing of it. The screaming and stiffening of the entire body that accompanies an attempted feeding would make you think we were feeding her mud. I even bought that bottle up there - it's supposed to feel and work like a real breast, even giving the feeling of the "let down" for them. She was interested in it, even chewed and gnawed on the nipple of it a little, but once some of the milk (breast milk, mind you!) got in her mouth, she wasn't having any more of that.

Jared spent at least 30 minutes with her screaming, trying to get her to take the bottle. She finally started drinking it a little, but was very slow doing so and was easily distracted. We're going to keep trying to give her one feeding from a bottle each day. If anyone has any wisdom on this matter, please pass it along!


Laura // Elizabeth said...

tommee tippee bottles were a god sent for us. I have a 5 month old and she also is breastfed. She would not take a bottle and I was returning to work around her 3.5 month mark. I tried the breastflow bottles and the playtex naturals... no luck with either. I found a recommendation for these bottles on Best for Babes website. Good Luck! Is there a reason you didn't offer the bottle a bit earlier?? I know breastfeeding is SO much more convenient and if I hadn't been planning on returning to work, I might not have introduced the bottle that early either.