Friday, February 27, 2009

Arts & Crafts Gone Wrong

Glitter. Ultra fine glitter. Ultra fine glitter that I am sure will be making the carpet sparkly for weeks.

With a toddler in the house, you'd think she would have been involved in creating this mess, right? Yeah, that sounds good. Let's just say she is responsible and it's not at all the fault of her mother who did not screw the lid on. Oh well...

On a different note, Charlotte is feeling much better. The fever was completely gone on Tuesday. Now she just has a flemmmy cough (you wanted that description, didn't you?). I bought a warm vaporizer for her room and she didn't cough much at all through the night last night. She's in there now and I hear a few coughs, but hopefully they'll subside once the steam gets going. But as she is getting better, Jared and I both feel some sickness coming on. So far my symptoms are just lots of sinus pressure and achiness, but Jared has those along with a sore throat, and a slight runny nose and cough. We'll all be glad when this cold season is over and done with!


Arin Rollins said...

Oops! Haven't had that happen yet! :o)