Monday, October 27, 2008

Walking Talking Little One

Charlotte has some pretty amazing new skills these days! She is walking around all over the place! It is so funny to see her wobble around the house, working so hard to pick up her stumpy little legs. She will usually attempt to get up and walk where ever she goes, unless she is in a hurry, in which case she crawls across the room as fast as her little body can take her. And the other evening after giving her Daddy good night hugs and kisses, she said, "Da-Da-Di". It was clear as day that she was saying "Daddy"! So of course that prolonged bedtime for a few more minutes as we showered her with more hugs and kisses and tried to get her to repeat it. Then the next day she said "Mama" as I was about to leave the room. Talk about melting our hearts!

We had another weekend visiting all the grandparents, which Charlotte just loved because she gets so much attention when we do. On Saturday Jared went fishing with Chad and a friend of his at Stein Hatchee. They had a pretty good day fishing and Jared brought home a 6-pound trout that we enjoyed for dinner last night! It was delicious!! When we got back to Jax, we decided to go to a boat ramp and dock that Jared has been wanting to go see for a while. It has a nice view of the Buckman Bridge with downtown in the background and will be a nice spot for Jared to take Charlotte fishing off of when she gets a little older. There was a neat little park right beside the dock and we walked around there for a while. The weather was perfect and it was a nice, relaxing Sunday afternoon.

Our Sunday night dinner! Chad's friend told Jared that if he were in a fishing competition and he showed up with this fish, they would hand the prize to him then and there!

Charlotte and her "Da-Da-Di" out on the dock

Charlotte at Toto & Pop's. Toto & Auntie Mel found this little bench at an antique store and Charlotte had so much fun playing on it. It'll be the cutest thing in the world to see Charlotte and her cousin, Ella, sitting in this together! You'll also notice Charlotte pointing her finger. This is one of her newest things that she does all the time. Sometimes she'll lay her other hand out flat and it looks like she's going through of list of something. "Things Charlotte has to do today... Number one, look super cute. Number two, wake up Mommy way before the sun comes up..."

And here is Charlotte just a little while ago. She was playing in her room and for some reason was on a mission to take the bag of trash from her room around the house. I don't know the intended purpose of this mission, but she was not appreciative of me taking the bag and putting it in the garbage can. The bag was pretty heavy so she would take a step then lose her balance and fall down.


Arin Rollins said...

I love reading all the stories! I still can't believe that she's walking and talking! What a cutie pie! I hope her runny nose hasn't turned into anything worse! I would never forgive myself is she caught our colds through our blog! :o) I'm now convinced we have had the flu. At least we'll get it over with before the holidays!