Saturday, December 31, 2011

December '11

Snuggling with their pillow pets, most likely watching Mickey Mouse

Charlotte takes her coloring very seriously. She loves making books and would go through an entire ream of paper in a week if I let her. She has passed the phase of coloring an entire sheet with one color and is actually quite artistic and creative. Naomi's drawings still need interpretation, but her paper full of circles and doodles are adorable :)

Reading the Grinch with Daddy

Homegirl has style, right?!

And this is one reason I know she'll be a great big sister! She got down on the floor to talk and play with her little cousin, Katie Joy.

Charlotte's favorite Christmas present, by far, was this Rapunzel dress. When she opened the box and saw it, she couldn't get her jammies off quickly enough to get the dress on!

The girls playing with their new Leapster and "computer".

Giving Daddy a big hug, telling him "thank you" for all of their Christmas gifts.

A few days after Christmas we went to St. Augustine and rode the trolley around to look at all the lights. How cute are these kids?!