Monday, November 15, 2010

Animal Kingdom

Kids at the start of the day

When you get up close to the tree, you can see animals carved all over it. It is quite incredible!

Daddy helping Charlotte get a better view

Where Naomi enjoyed the safari ride

Chilling with Mickey. Charlotte LOVES seeing him!

Showing off the binoculars that Anson let her borrow

Naomi was mostly interested in getting his ear

The girls trying to see the river

Obligatory showing off pose. Just look at those chunky legs!

Dusty & Arin & Co. riding the dinosaurs

Sporting Daddy's shades

Going for a ride in DinosaurLand

Charlotte wiped out mid-day

That's a lot of bull

Can you find the hidden Mickey? (You'll probably need to enlarge the photo)

The best we could get of all the kids with the glasses on for the "Bug's Life" show. I didn't heed the advice of a friend that this show isn't appropriate for little ones. Charlotte was crawling into Jared's lap and hiding her face in his shoulder :/

Charlotte & Ella hugging goodbye