Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hi, I'm Brittany

I know you've probably forgotten who I am since I haven't posted anything in a while. I've been busy lazy. My bad. Here are some of the goings-on as of late...

1. Naomi is pulling herself up on furniture and walking around while holding onto the furniture and is just plain growing up too fast. She's as cute as can be with her chubby little cheeks and her chunky thighs. Though she does seem to be losing some of the pudge now that she's so mobile. The crease of her thighs used to go almost all the way around her thigh and now it doesn't. That makes me kind of sad.

2. Charlotte has started potty training! We started the training on Tuesday after the I stole the idea from Arin to set a timer, reward her for being dry and then reward her if she does her business on the potty (rewards have been in the form of a chocolate chip or a mini marshmallow). As long as I remember to set the timer and put her on the potty, she has done really well. She will go almost every time she is put on. But if we do not initiate putting her on, she has an accident. I think that since she can make herself go when she's on the toilet (or "tool-let" in her words), she knows what the urge to go feels like. She's only had one accident when we were out of the house, which was an accident of the worst kind because it involved poop. (Yup, I'm a mom, so I talk about poop.) She has had constipation issues for months. Maybe close to a year now. We've been to the doctor about it a couple times. Miralax is her friend. So with the constipation issues, when she feels the urge to go, she almost always tries to hold it in (which makes the constipation worse and it's a vicious cycle). So, the situation was her having had Miralax for three days, needing to go, but the only option was the "scary tool-let" in the bookstore. She has a fear of the big commercial toilets in stores and restaurants, even though I carry around a foldable potty seat that goes over the regular toilet. As soon as we walked into the store I took her to the bathroom because it had been an hour and a half or so since she last went. She saw the loud, scary toilets and magically didn't need to go anymore. And despite all her efforts of holding it in, she wasn't able to so I had the task of trying to get Charlotte cleaned up in the bathroom (thankfully it was a bookstore's bathroom and was about as clean of a restroom you can find in public) and trying to convince her to sit on the potty to finish her business, all the while holding a baby because I wouldn't dare set her down on that bathroom floor, no matter how clean it looked. It was a stressful, messy, stinky situation. It was not my favorite day of motherhood. And I will be sure to remind Charlotte about that one day when she has kids and is slowly being driven insane too.

3. We went to the pool this morning and Charlotte had a blast. She has such an imagination and it is really starting to show. She was "driving" around in her crab float. Jared directed the float over to the stairs and told her it was a drive thru window and told her she could order some food. She said, "No, let's go inside!" Jared asked where the inside was. She said it was the chairs on the other side of the pool. So they went and sat down at the chairs and she said, "We have to order!" She walked over to a different chair and pretended to talk to someone, picked up a tray, then went to sit by her daddy. He asked what it was and she told him, "A Chick-fil-A sandwich!" (We really should buy stock in the place.) Jared asked what they have to do before they ate and she told him, "Pray". He folded his hands to pray and she said, "No Daddy, you have to put your tray down!" He asked her where to put the tray and she told him it went behind him. So he put the tray down and prayed. When they finished eating Jared asked if she was ready to go. She told him, "Daddy, we have to put the trash away!" So she began to gather all the "trash" and throw it in the trash can (the corner of the pool). Then she hopped back in the crab and drove over to Mommy and Naomi :)

4. Naomi is waving, and it's pretty darned cute.

5. We're going to be in bed before 10:00 on a Saturday night. We're old foagies, I tell ya.

6. I'll post some pictures of the girls before too long, but not tonight. Because, after all, it is almost 10:00!