Monday, January 19, 2009

Story Time and Daddy Time

Last Friday, Charlotte and I met some friends at the downtown library for story time. It was the first time I had been to the children's library downtown and it is amazing! As you walk into it, you have to go through a corridor of blades of grass as tall as the ceiling and it's complete with sound effects of crickets and birds. So cute. Charlotte isn't really into sitting still for a story at this point, but she had a blast watching the older kids jump and dance and do the hand motions. And she loved climbing on the mushroom-shaped stools they have! They have story time every Friday and some moms from our church are going to try to take the kiddos once a month or so.

The great part is that the library is two blocks away from Jared's office, so afterwards we went to visit her Daddy. He took her around the office and everyone oohed and ahhed over how adorable she is, how big she's gotten, and tried to figure out who she looks more like.

Here she is sitting on Daddy's desk wearing his shades

It was quite chilly this past weekend, so we decided we'd make a fire and stay all cozy. We save some papers that we would otherwise shred to use to help start the fires. The picture below is of Charlotte enjoying a ride around on that pile. (Afterwards, she enjoyed taking the paper out and spreading it all over the living room floor).

A few weeks ago, I was doing some ironing and had just opened a bag of the clips that attach to clothes hangers. Charlotte was "helping" me and had them all over the floor for me to chase around whenever I needed them. After a little while, I looked down and noticed that they were gone. I looked in the lunchbox that she had been playing with and found them in there. She had collected them all, along with a few other things, and put them away. She is going to be neurotically anti-clutter just like her Daddy!

And in other news, I applied to be a contestant on Wheel of Fortune! We saw the last two episodes and I knew the bonus round answers so I figured that makes me an exert. I doubt I'll be chosen, but it doesn't hurt to try! Oh, and we're also going to send the video of Charlotte laughing at the bowling game into America's Funniest Videos! It's all part of our retirement plan.


Just the 5 of us said...

Charlotte is such a cutie! I love the picture of her with the sunglasses!